Treatment and Rehabilitation

Treatment programmes are developed hand in hand with the client.

After completing the assessment, we discuss the goals you would like to achieve. These goals are client centred and focused on what is important to you. They could include being able to stand up independently from your chair, increasing the function you have in your arm, improving your memory or returning to work.

I will be honest and open to the possibility of achieving these to ensure expectations of therapy are realistic.

Once the goals are set, a treatment plan will be developed in partnership with the client. Ensuring a clear understanding of the type of sessions we are going to do for your rehabilitation. The sessions last around 45-60 minutes, dependent on what we are doing.

The rehabilitation sessions can take place in your home, at work or in a community setting where we have identified would be useful for your rehabilitation. This could be anything from visiting a garden centre, planning and completing your food shopping, taking a walk or going to a bingo hall!

After several sessions, a review will take place to assess if you have achieved the goals initially set. If you have, we can set new goals if required and continue with your rehabilitation. If you have not made as much progress as we would have hoped, we will discuss the next steps forward. This might be to carry on with the original goals as progress was being made but slower than expected or to set new goals which are more achievable.

If rehabilitation sessions are not making any difference in your daily life, we can cease the sessions and discuss if a break might be beneficial.

We can switch to a monitoring partnership where we restart rehabilitation at any point. Or I can close your case ensuring you have details for myself and other support services which may be helpful to you.