Running a business and balancing home life can be a challenge

The car boot of an OT!

Hello, I’m Lucy from Now Choose You, a one-woman band providing Occupational Therapy to people in Lincolnshire and bordering counties.

I have been self-employed for a year now and every day I learn something new about running a business and balancing home life.

Achieving the perfect balance is tough, and I have a mountain of ironing to prove it! I have been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years and have spent most of my working life in the NHS.

Feeling ready for a change in pace and a new direction I decided to step out of my comfort zone to set up my own business, enabling me to work with people on a more personal level.

To begin my trip into blogging I thought I would share a typical day in my life of Now Choose You.

6:30 am – The alarm goes off and the snooze battle commences.

7:15 am – Suddenly, realising I have lost the snooze battle and I am now late!

7:20 am – The smallest child is dragged out of bed and given breakfast, husband pushed out of bed and fed coffee while the 16-year-old is still snoozing!

8:30 am – Having completed lunches, stacked the dishwasher, chased a small child around the house to get her ready for school and dropped off at school, it is now time to gather the items required for the patients I am seeing today.

  • Patient notes
  • Diary
  • 2x tape measures, 1m and 5m
  • Gym ball
  • A boot full of toys
  • Perching stool
  • Big coat for outside session
  • Phone
  • Lunch
  • A huge mug of tea

Ready to visit the four patients on my list today

First stop – Boston

To practice using a mobility scooter with a gentleman. Good session but find that his riser recliner chair has broken. Plan – assist to find a charity who can help him purchase a new chair.

Second stop – Lincoln

To problem solve how to complete dressing of the lower half with one hand whilst standing up. The solution was found and the next step is to contact a local mobility equipment shop owner to assist me in fitting the equipment needed at the correct height. Independence achieved and a happy smile from me and the patient as I bid them cheerio!!

Third stop – Lincoln again

Met with a physio to complete mobility practice with a person that needs 2 therapists for treatment. We had also arranged for a wheelchair trial to take place at this session for a decision to be made for the best fit for the person. So, a good session was had by all and the decision was made for the best wheelchair.

It is lovely to meet fellow independent practitioners in the week. It allows us to catch up, chat and have some informal supervision.

Last stop – North Lincolnshire

A session with a child, playing some games, testing their balance and assessed their writing and grip of a pen. Lots of future plans to complete some play activities and work on the writing.

Time to head home

Now for the long drive home. I have become a lover of audiobooks and the drive back home is lovely whilst I am lost in a crime novel set in Norfolk – I think I know who has done it…

Time to make tea, catch up with the antics of the smallest child and how my husband’s day has gone. My 16-year-old is at her dance school and won’t be back until 9 pm so time to eat tea, settle down and write my notes for each patient seen and watch some TV until pick up time.

Another busy day but still the ironing is looking at me… Ah well, it can wait.