Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions that Lucy receive from current and potential clients.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, then please get in touch by telephone or email for further information. 

What area does Now Choose You cover?

Lucy is based near Sleaford, Lincolnshire and can travel within a 15-mile radius for free and any additional mileage above this is charged at a reasonable rate.

Travel outside Lincolnshire to adjoining counties is possible dependent on caseload at the time of enquiring.

Travel costs will be discussed at the time you get in touch with Lucy to complete a visit and quoted for alongside the fees for the intervention requested.

How long will my assessment last?

Assessment length depends on your requirements. On average an hour and a half is about the right amount of time however the more complex the problem, the longer it will take.

Can the assessment be completed in more than one session?

Yes, as this may be required due to fatigue or multiple assessments may need to take place for ability or in different environments.

Can I book a one-off session?

Yes, Lucy will visit you to complete an assessment and offer advice and recommendations.

Can I book a package?

Yes, following the assessment and discussion regarding goals and expectations, recommendations can be made regarding the intervention required. This can be as single sessions and an intervention package. A package will cost less than a series of one-off sessions.

How much does an assessment or treatment interventions cost?

These are discussed directly with the client depending on the requirement you have.

Do I have to see you every week?

No, following the assessment, recommendations will be made in line with the goals you wish to set for yourself. We will then discuss the recommendations and how these can be achieved. This can range from a home programme for you to follow with contact made by the telephone or visits spaced over a few weeks up to regular visits for a more intensive intervention programme.

How long will I need to see an Occupational Therapist for?

There is no specific answer to this question as every individual is different. You should not feel pressured by your therapist to continue to pay for occupational therapy if you feel you don’t need it, but Lucy will give advice about your potential to improve if she can. You are free to have as many/few sessions as you wish, and to discontinue therapy at any time.

If you no longer require visits, please do not feel worried about telling Lucy; this is likely a conversation that will crop up every now and then as she reviews your goals and achievements.

What if I’m not improving?

During the initial visit, your goals and expectations will be discussed and a plan will be determined. If Lucy observes that your progress is not as expected following intervention this will be discussed as soon as possible to ensure openness and honesty in the client/therapist relationship is maintained. Also, if you feel you are not achieving the goals, please raise this with Lucy.

The outcome of the conversation will determine the next steps. This may be to re-set the goals and continue with intervention, suggest a different profession/therapist to assist in achieving the goals or ceasing the intervention.

Ultimately Lucy wishes to avoid people spending money on a service without gain, so please do not be concerned about having this conversation.