Lucy works with a wide variety of professionals and companies to help provide equipment and services to her clients following their assessments.

Here we are proud to provide details of some of those professionals and companies that she works closely with.

Neurological & pain specialist physiotherapist and health & wellbeing coach

Ann is a chartered physiotherapist and coach, she runs Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing.  After completing her junior physiotherapist rotations in a hospital setting Ann chose to specialise in neurology and then persistent pain.  Ann is a compassionate therapist who understands the importance of hearing your story and individually tailoring care for you.  Everyone is treated as an individual with whole person compassionate care.  Ann believes in working in partnership with you to empower you to move with more ease, do what’s most important to you, achieve your health & wellbeing goals, fulfil your potential and live well.

Ann Parkinson

Ann combines physiotherapy with coaching, yoga, pilates, meditation, compassionate mind training, other therapies & exercise types to help you achieve your health & wellbeing goals and live well.  She explores different aspects with you and helps you work out what could be helpful to focus on.  There are many factors that contribute to our wellbeing including: exercise and physical activity, relaxation, sleep, stress management, self-compassion, meditation/mindfulness, our self-talk, beliefs values, and nutrition.  Different factors are compassionately explored with you.

Ann is committed to ongoing learning and evidenced based practice, and is grateful to be able to learn from her patients every day.  She is committed to providing a high standard of physiotherapy and coaching for people with neurological conditions & persistent pain, as well as coaching for people not in need of physiotherapy.

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